A few things to ponder

I was born with chubby cheeks and an appetite for adventure. Many years later I haven't lost either. An island girl by birth, I was raised in the literal "heart of the sea" (Nantucket, Massachusetts) and I'm back where I belong, on a much bigger rock in the sea: Sicily. A passion for food and language has led me back and forth to this much romanticized country over the years, but following the conferral of a Master's Degree in Food Culture and Communication from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in fall of 2015, I am here to stay. 

I am curious by nature, have a knack for listening and observing, and enjoy translating emotions, enthusiasm and identity into the written word. With experience in copy editing and content creation, as well as creative writing, I thrive in challenging and inspiring environments. I have a particular interest in food related topics, especially sustainability and food justice issues.  

In other news, I am a master popcorn maker (butter, honey and chili-salt combo is my specialty). I have a growing collection of honey and I love to watch Stanlio and Olio, the dubbed Italian version of Laurel and Hardy. Journals, paper products and beautiful cards have a special spot in my heart. Seeing other parts of the world puts a smile on my face and my favorite way to experience new spots is always through food. One day I hope to be the owner of at least two alpacas, because they don't like to be alone.